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Stellar Script Launcher Pro

Step 1: Create Your Stellar Asset

Program: Stellar Asset Creation Tool

Description: Use this tool to create your custom Stellar assets, whether for personal use, your business, or for clients. Specify the asset’s details, including name, code, issuer, and more.

Detailed Instructions: Launch the “Stellar Asset Creation Tool” from the main menu. Fill in the required asset details, and follow the on-screen prompts to create your Stellar asset.

Step 2: Set Up Your Server

Program: StellarSync Pro

Description: Configure your Stellar server to ensure smooth operations for your assets and airdrops. Customize your Stellar.toml file and server settings.

Detailed Instructions: Run “StellarSync Pro” and select the server setup option. Follow the prompts to update your Stellar.toml file, manage server-side settings, and upload custom asset images if needed.

Step 3: Scrape Addresses

Program: Stellar Asset Holders Scraper Pro

Description: Scrape the addresses of Stellar asset holders, a crucial step for airdropping assets or managing your network.

Detailed Instructions: Open “Stellar Asset Holders Scraper Pro.” Provide the necessary details, such as the asset code and issuer’s public key. Start the scraping process, and the program will compile a list of addresses.

Step 4: Airdrop Assets

Program: Stellar Airdrop Pro

Description: Distribute your custom Stellar assets to the addresses you’ve collected. This step simplifies airdrop operations on the Stellar network.

Detailed Instructions: Launch “Stellar Airdrop Pro.” Specify the asset details, recipient addresses (from Step 3), and the distribution method. Follow the program’s prompts to execute the airdrop.

Step 5: Reclaim Reserved XLM Balances

Program: Stellar Balance Claimer Pro

Description: Reclaim the XLM balances that were temporarily reserved when you created the claimable balances, ensuring you receive the full reserved XLM amount.

Detailed Instructions: Launch “Stellar Balance Claimer Pro.” Input your asset details, including the asset code and issuer’s public key. Configure your claim settings to match your preferences. Initiate the claim process by following the prompts provided by the program. Reclaim the temporarily reserved XLM balances, ensuring the full reserved XLM amount is returned to your Stellar account.

Step 6: Repeat the Process

Description: Rinse and repeat these steps as needed for managing your Stellar assets, performing airdrops, and ensuring your network runs smoothly. Note: You can always return to Step 1 to create new assets or revisit any of the previous steps as your needs evolve.

That’s it! You’ve successfully utilized Stellar Script Launcher Pro to create, manage, and execute Stellar operations. Explore the tools, tailor them to your requirements, and streamline your Stellar journey.