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Main Purpose

Our primary mission is to provide you with the means to craft, oversee, and execute Stellar operations for your unique Stellar-based assets. Whether you’re creating tokens for your business, managing assets for a client, or exploring the Stellar network, our tools simplify the process.

Key Highlights

Universal Accessibility: A resource for beginners and experts, fostering inclusivity within the Stellar ecosystem.
Empowering Control: Gain complete control over your Stellar endeavors.
Windows Executable: User-friendly, Windows-executable solution for easy access.
Cost-Free: Free to download and use, democratizing access to Stellar tools.
Supported Scripts

Stellar Asset Holders Scraper Pro:

Unearth the addresses of Stellar asset holders effortlessly.

Stellar Airdrop Pro: Streamline airdrop processes for custom Stellar assets.

Stellar Balance Claimer Pro: Claim Stellar (XLM) balances linked to your account.

Stellar Asset Creation Tool: Simplify the creation and management of Stellar assets.

StellarSync Pro: Manage Stellar TOML files and server configurations.
…and more!